The CooLots are intersectionality personified. The Washington, D.C.-based band embodies a sound that the RAW community describes as a “melting pot of different styles and talents [that] come together to create feelings never experienced before.”

The CooLots effortlessly move across a spectrum of genres including rock, alternative, indie, soul, and rhythm and blues, just to name a few. Their unbridled musicality is something akin to the sounds of No Doubt, M.I.A. Paramore, Sade, Staind, System of a Down, Jimi Hendrix, and N.E.R.D.

The CooLots are not here to fit in. They refuse to be bound by industry standards and societal expectations; rather, they use their platform to inspire personal evolution and growth. They are here to indulge the hip grinders, the lyrically inclined, the head bangers, and the soul sisters.

The Coolots (Hip Rock and Soul)

  • Doors1:07
  • Chemical1:05
  • Fly1:02

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